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Can I file abandonment?? Nebraska

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  • Can I file abandonment?? Nebraska

    Hi. I'm a single mom living in the middle of Nowhere, Nebraska. I have a beautiful almost 9 year old daughter, who hasn't seen her father in 3 years. There are underlying issues here that one needs to know. 3 years ago, he was accused of sexually assaulting my daughter. A protection order was granted for 12 months. Said father does not actively pay child support, only when lawfully enforced to do so. Said father has not spoken a word to his daughter in this 3 year period of time. My address has remained the same, and my family contact information has all remained the same. Said father has spent time in jail for several offenses in his adult life, but was never criminally tried for his sexual assault on my daughter. She is scared to death of this man, and has no want, need, or desire to have any further contact with him. I do not WANT or NEED his child support or any financial support from the State of NE. If something happens to me, my daughter would go live with my mother or father, or with her younger brothers with their father. I do not want him to have any access to her. I have reason to beleive it would bring her great harm to ever have anything further to do with him. She has been in therapy for 3 years. She suffers post traumatic stress disorder along with ADHD, which is all believed to stem from the activities with her father. Please, can you help me out here? I'd appreciate some kind of direction!
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