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NE teens want new name

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  • NE teens want new name

    I have two sons, 13 and 15. Their father left 6 years ago. He gave up all rights. After not paying child support for two years, CS started garnishing his wages. The kids now recieve payments. I remarried 3 years ago. The boys want to take his name. I have not contact info for their father. Trust me, I have looked. Can the boys change their name? How?

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    Not without Bio Dad's consent. You say bio Dad gave up rights? Did he go to court and file a TPR and this was granted!? Is your current husband willing to adopt the children not just give them his name?


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      Boy, I don't know. When we went to the custody hearing. He told the judge he wanted nothing more to do with the kids. Ever. The judge said, I take it you don't want any visitation? Of course the answer was - no. I did not sign anything else. I know he did. I was guessing for child support things. I do remember him being quite angry that he would still be required to pay. Would I know if he signed a TPR? I am sorry if this sounds stupid, I really don't know. Also, I am so happy that you answered. Thank you


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        Based on what your saying it does not appear his parental rights were removed. This means a name change require his permission. Now if adoption is what your after you need that TPR (Termination of Parental rights). This is not something you will likely not want to attempt yourself. Find an Attorney
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          Thank you foryour advice!


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            Just want to add to Panther's advice that you have a very good case for involuntary TPR (if you can't locate him or for some reason he decides he doesn't want to agree) and step adoption.
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