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I need help Nebraska

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  • I need help Nebraska

    My daugher ran away in Jan of 2007. She was in fostercare. She grad. high school and started college well the state did not want her doing any of this so she ran away to the coast. She is 17 years old. Her brithday is in July. Can she work and live with out geting in trouble. I think she might be in Nevada? What should she do?

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    you're saying the state did not want her to go to college????????? that doesn't sound right.


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      Not a very believeable story. Not by a long shot.
      Don't listen to a word I say because ya know I've gotta be crazy to be a Brown's fan.


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        And when did they move Nevada to the coast? Where did California go? Did it fall into the sea as has been predicted due to fire, earthquakes, and wind??? OHHH, those poor people!!!

        (Sorry, I just couldn't resist.)
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          Maybe she meant to say she ran away to the Colorado River coast! Or maybe she's on that scary roller COASTer in Vegas!

          Just some ideas.


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            Maybe there was an attempt to enter California, but as soon as she stepped across the state line, it pushed California over the weight limit so she jumped back over the line back into Nevada, just in time before California broke off and fell into the ocean. So sad. I'm scanning the new stations as we type......hoping to hear news of survivors.......CNN where are you when I actually want to watch you???!!!!!!!!
            Don't listen to a word I say because ya know I've gotta be crazy to be a Brown's fan.


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