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daughter want to live with me Nebraska

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  • daughter want to live with me Nebraska

    hi. my daughter is 15 she and her mom my ex havent been getting along and now she is staying with her aunt. over the years my ex has used her to hurt me alot and when all this went down she wouldnt let her come live with me no matter what. well now my ex calles and says shes had a change of heart and will let her come live with me but wont sighn over legel right to me. i dont have any rights to her becouse when she was younger i let her aunt adopt her. so my question is what if anything can i do legely to get somekind of legel custody of her? my fear is that if she come to live with me it will be a way that my ex can be in mine and her lives daily threting to take her back. i dont want to move her accross the state get her in a new school all that only to have her mom take her back just when she is finally happy. plus im thinking that my ex could get me in some kind of trouble with the law. like if we got in argument could she say i kidnaped her? or something like that? any advise would be great thx.

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    If the aunt adopted her, then your ex (the mother) can't make this decision, either. It is up to the aunt.

    Even if custody was granted to the aunt, she is still the one that has the responsibility of making this decision.

    I suggest you talk about this situation with the aunt. Your other option is to agree that she will live with you and then file in court for custody.
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      you would have to have some sort of legal rights (in other words mom or aunt would have to sign them over) in order to enroll her in school, seek medical attention, etc. I would explain that you would love her to come, but there's no way without some sort of legal court document because you couldn't enroll her in school or anything


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