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RE: ? about appealing alimony in Missouri

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  • RE: ? about appealing alimony in Missouri

    My question is this....
    A family member (cousin) of mine was married for about 27 years.
    1) He worked the whole time, she never did and does not even have a drivers license.
    2) She never cleaned house, refused him sex, refused to cook, ran the credit cards up high, list is long of what she never did. (she simply sat on her butt and did nothing).
    3) They had kids but the kids are grown and gone from home.
    4) When he got his divorce in Missouri last week, the court left him with all the bills, the house (no equity in it), they awarded her $550 in alimony based on she has never worked (she is living with daughter and son-in-law) she has no bills. She can now apply for welfare and get the $550 a month.
    5) His income vs bills is a nightmare. Let's say he makes $2000 a month, his bills that the court left him with (which includes all the credit cards she ran up), he has to pay $1600 in bills, has to pay her $550 a month. That does not include his food or gas to get to work or anything else. How is he suppose to live?
    Can he appeal this decision and how in the State of Missouri?
    There are so many things wrong with this case. The judge was in a small town and using the good old boy system I think.

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    He can appeal, but I doubt it will change anything because this spouse stayed home, has no work skills and even if she acquires some, it may be difficult to be employed at her age. Sorry but this will probably stand.


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