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Questions on emancipation

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  • Questions on emancipation

    So I'm 16 and my mom is kicking me out.
    I moved out of my dad's about 4 months ago and really don't want to go back bc Ik I will be disciplined for leaving.
    I talked to family and they suggested I become emancipated. I'm sure I could get my mom to say yes but I don't know if my dad would.
    Would it matter what my dad said or not?
    My mom does have full custody of me so I don't know if he would have a say on if I became emancipated.
    I'm from Missouri.

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    Emancipation is rarely granted in states that allow it. You might seek other options. If Mom has custody you may live anywhere she agrees to


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      The requirements to emancipate are state specific but in general you must turn 18, show evidence of being self supporting, be on active military duty etc....

      Actually the problem is a bit of the reverse...a parent has a required duty to care for child ...and is not supposed to just boot them...the parent is on the hook to provide care thru whatever age the state says ..18 to 21 or longer is cild is handicapped. How to enforce it is beyond me...and it's not clear which of your parents are accountable or both may be...but I am aware of states going after parent to provide for children rather than dump kids on state as " homeless" or on the street.

      Now mom may be annoyed at your behavior ..buts that not a good legal reason to dump you to,street might be better off to,have some emphatic staffer at a child abuse/protection agency read mom a version of the riot act that it's cheaper to keep you and work it out than it is to visit court on changes of child neglect . To boot you out is very likely neglect/abuse under state law...


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        emancipation Missouri -
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