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Emancipation In Missouri Due To Abuse Missouri

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  • GotSmart
    I agree 100%. In Missouri, only CPS has the legal power to do what needs to be done. Lock up your brother and father, and put you in a controlled environment to teach you what life should be for someone your age. I raised 3 daughters, and kept them too busy to think about the personal problems that any normal family has.

    Life goes on, and it is not all about you. You need to be treated as an equal, but you also need to be in a place that challenges you to be the best you can......For your own sake.

    (if it looks like something, it usually is.)

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  • cbg
    Emma, I'm sorry that you're going through this but you don't have a prayer of being emancipated. First of all, Missouri will not emancipate a 15 year old. Second, even when you are 16, you have to be able to show the court that you are already, with the implied or express consent of your parents, living separately from them. Third, that you have the means to fully support yourself (which does not mean moving in with a friend or a friend's family) and you have to submit to the court a declaration of your income and your expenses. Finally, emancipation is not granted to teens who have a history of suicidal thoughts or of cutting themselves.

    If you are being abused, the answer is not emancipation but to notify the Child Protective Services

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  • baybeegurl630
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  • Emancipation In Missouri Due To Abuse Missouri

    Hi, my name's Emma and I'm 15 years old. I want to get emancipated from my parents home. I have a friend's house I can stay at if I do get emancipated. My parents both smoke pot. My dad has a past of assaulting me. He assulted me a couple days after my birthday(march 9th). My mom, me, and my four brothers all left the house. My mom was going to divorce my dad. Half of us stayed at my Grandpa's and the other half went to my Aunt's. My mom is emotionally unstable from being abused as a child. She emotionally abuses me on a daily basis. My oldest brother has a past of abusing me, emotionally and physically. He has bruised me, cut me, hit me, and choked me. Just recently he sprained my right elbow, he may have given me an ACL seperation in my left shoulder, he may have fractured or sprained a few ribs, and he left bruises on my left leg. He was coming at me to get the TV remote and from his past abusive episodes, I thought he was going to hurt me. I started to try and kick him away from me. He got mad because I was kicking him and grabbed me by the ankles. He lifted me 3-5ft in the air and dropped me. The drop did all the damage stated before and broke my glasses. I now can't wear my glasses, which, in result, has been making it to where I am getting massive migranes from my eyesight. I have had past damage to my shoulder and ribs and back before. I have depression and I used to have anorexia. I used to have anorexia because my family used to joke around and call me fat when I was little, even though I was a very skinny child and still am. I always took their joking seriously. It caused me to think I really was fat and I would not eat for weeks at a time. I now have lasting effects from that, such as seizures, irregular periods, a very hard time eating certain foods, an irregular heartbeat, stomach ulcers or gastric distress, immune system dificiency, fainting, hallucinations, fuzzy thinking, a hard time sleeping, low blood sugar that leads to temors and anxiety and restlessness and an uncontrollable itchy feeling, and urinary tract infections. I've also had a reoccuring nightmare everynight for the past 6 years. I'm depressed to the point that I constantly think about killing myself and a few days ago I cut 14 lines up my left arm because my dad made me very very angry. He threatened to kill my exboyfriend and have him arrested. Because we were making jokes to each other that admittantly looks a hell of a lot like sexting, though I can reassure anyone that it wasn't because I don't do that and neither does he. I want to get emancipated so that I wont have to deal with my "parents" (of whom I don't consider my parents because of everything they've put me through) and so that I can live a life of happiness and not having to look over my shoulder and live in constant fear. The reason I don't want to put them in jail is because if I do then my little brothers/cousins (my parents have guardianship of my 2 little cousins) won't have anywhere stable to go. If it weren't for my little brothers then my parents and oldest brother would be in jail right now. But I want to know if there is a way for me to get emancipated from my parents and be able to live with my friends mom and dad who have agreed to let me live with them if I'm emancipated or my parents say it's okay. My mom and dad won't agree so the only choice I have is to be emancipated. Sorry, I know this is long but I really need an answer, and fast.
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