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How do I get a gardian appointed? Missouri

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  • How do I get a gardian appointed? Missouri

    I am trying to get my son, who is 18, declared as handicapped (?), so a guardian can be appointed for him. How do I go about doing this? He has a diagnosis (asperger’s) from our family practitioner that stated he cannot live on his own. Where do I go from here?

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    What ever you do not allow a court appointed guardian.

    My brother got one and when the HIPPA law passed he disappeared for over six yrs. It is only because of our mothers death and money her money the guardian wanted did my dad and I find my brother. Most MO. court appointed guardians are also Public Administrators and therefore they are there own boss and no one over sees them. This is very bad. Even though we have found my brother the guardian will not allow visitation.

    My brother has been warehoused in a nursing home for many yrs. locked away and not allowed contact with the outside world.

    I have spent over 15,000 dollars and still do not get see my brother and I have been denied guardianship because I can't not prove the court appointed guardian is not caring for him because she will not allow the medical record to be released. And they were subpoenaed. But the Guardian is winning and it does not look hopeful for my brother.

    Being a guardian means you make his decisions and make sure his bills are paid with his money (not yours,) and that he is safe and getting good care.

    You can do it.


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