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    My husband and I have been together for 12 years married 6 we have 5 children together and he has one from a previous relationship( before me). He was 21 she was 16 when they split she found out he was with another woman and had him arrested for statutory rape he then plead guilty and had to saty away from her for 2 years well by time the court had ended and he got probation she had already had the baby, I was with him then and helped him on finding out what she had and all that anyways we was told she gave it up. Then when the little girl was 5 years old she came knocking on our door. She was homeless going through a seperation bla bla bla. My husband became involved in his daughters life payed the mother child support ( because she didnt want to have the courts involved) anyways shortly after he finally meet his daughter the mother would run off and not contact us for months until she needed something. Finally in 2005 we took the little girl because the mother was arrested for a felony charge of meth. We filed for custody. The judge said we took her deviously. and awarded her custody based on the fact we had no proof we paid her money for child support. Anyways he got every other weekend visits and now pays child support the right way. Well in Aug of 06 she stopped showing up for the visits changed her phone number wont answer the door or letters we send. it has been over a year. Someone said to file a family access order??? What is a family access order and will it help us. We tried to tell this judge that she will just stop showing up and not contact us for months to a year he should of took that in for the custody issue but he didnt and she is doing it now. To top this all off she is not even living with her the daughter is living with the great grandparents who are just plan evil people. Should we modifie or file this family access order? Some one please help me help my husband she is daughter like he wants. Thanks
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