OK, so I'll start from the beginning..... Back in March of this year, my wife got a phone call from another female requesting that I terminate my parental rights to her 15 month old son. I'm 99% sure that the boy is mine ( I had been seeing the girl while my wife and I were separated, and she wanted a child- no strings, no ties..and like an IDIOT I obliged). When I later contacted her, we arranged a meeting so that I could meet him and decide what i wanted to do about the situation. He's a cute kid, and charming as all get out, but seeing him I couldn't help but feel resentment toward him (most likely misdirected, but you can't help the way you feel). I know that none of what happened or what I feel is his fault, but when I looked at him, I was looking my biggest mistake in the eye. He seemed comfortable with said young woman's boyfriend/fiancee/whatever he is...meaning that he'd reach for the guy..you know what I mean. After a few days of deep thought, I decided it best to carry on with the termination, as I see it to be in his best interest. I know what it's like to have a parent regret having you, and to not want you, and I don't want that for him. Not saying that I'd be mean to him or anything like that, but I don't know that I could treat him the same as my 4 yr old daughter, and that could potentially harm him far greater than not knowing me. After having no contact either way since March, I received a letter from the DCSE Sat. stating for me to contact them for a paternity test. My question is this: is there anything I can do about any of this, or do I (as a guy) pretty much have to go with whatever I'm dealt by the courts/DCSE/etc? Also, my wife thinks that if she and I divorce over this, she can "sue" the other gal for breaking up a marriage..any truth to this? Thank you for any/all help/insight on this, and please-try not to be TOO hard on me.