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I need some help with child support and custody

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  • I need some help with child support and custody

    I left my daughters father in the first of january when after two years he refused to work. . I immediatly filed for assistance through the state of missouri to get help with child support. I gave them everything they needed: his place of employment, chich has repeatedly changed or been non-exsistant; his current address; his ssn; everything they asked. Now it is July and still nothing has been done as far as I can tell. Everytime I call they tell me that it has been sent to an attorneys office in Kansas (the father lives in Kansas), and they are "in the process of drawing up papers to serve him with". They have been doing this for months. He has not seen his daughter since March and has only seen her twice since we left. He has three other children from a previous marriage that he pays his cs on come heck or high water and sees EVERY weekend, and they live quite close to me. The last time I tried to contact him his phone was shut off and his mother's phone went straight to voicemail.

    When he has a job (he is a cement finisher) he makes between $18 and $22/hr. But he hardly ever works, and loses his jobs constantly because he just doesn't go. I was able to show the child support people some of his check stubs from last year showing what he makes an hour.

    Is there anything I can do to speed up the child support process short of shelling out a bunch of money for an attorney? People keep telling me to contact legal aid, but I can't seem to find out who they are.

    Do I have to hire an attorney to file for custody as well? We were never married, but he did sign the birth certificate, and she has his last name. Does that hurt things as far as custody goes?
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