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How Do We Gain Custody? Missouri Missouri Missouri

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  • How Do We Gain Custody? Missouri Missouri Missouri

    I will try to make this as brief as I can....My husband and his ex got divorced in 2002, we live in Florida and the divorce decree is from Missouri. There are 2 children involved, there was a visitation order. The mother got into a bind and the children were taken away by DCF, we were not told at the time when it happened, but was notified through an attorney who was representing the maternal grandparents, that they were wanting guardianship of the children and the ex was waiving her parental rights and granting it. We did not have the funds for an attorney at the time, but we did send a letter to the judge, stating that we would like to have the children...the letter was of no good and Co-Guardianship was granted. We have come to find out that the visitation order in the divorce is no longer valid. The grandparents keep the children from their mother, who lives in Missouri and if we want to visit, we have to drive to Missouri and visit with the children on "their terms"...only at their home and we are not allowd to take the children anywhere, unless the grandparents are there with us. We have petitioned the court for out of state visitation, which we are hoping to get soon, since the children are ages 7 and 4, and school will be starting there soon. My question there a way to petition the courts for custody if the mother is willing to state that it will be in the best interest of the children if they are with thier bio-father? The mother didn't want us to have the children at first, but has come to see what her parents are doing...wanting the children for themselves and not allowing the children to have a meaningfull relationship with either one of the them.

    I tried to make it short....sorry

    Any advice would be greatly appreciated....oh, the children were taken away in 2003...there is no support order...but we talk to the children often and send packages of clothes and shoes for them....the grandparents does not want money from us...But tells the mother, they are not her kids...she doesn't give them any money.
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