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    can a 17 year old turn themself into dfs custody?

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    Originally posted by runaway_princess
    can a 17 year old turn themself into dfs custody?
    You would have to have a valid reason as to WHY dfs should keep you in their custody. Not wanting to live with your parents is not a valid reason. Most likely, they would take you home.
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      Princess or Brat?

      I get sick and tired of hearing kids say they can't live at home and claim abuse. I can comment on this one because daughter ran away two weeks ago and I'll tell you what, I get sick of hearing how intolerable our home is. A very small percentage of the kids that run away to be with a boyfriend were abused, instead they live in a universe that they are the center of and want to play house. Fine! Problem is for us parents that raised you, covered all your needs over the years, little birthday parties, special celebrations for your accomplishments, etc. is that we love our children, more intensely than you love your BF, trust me. It hurts us deeply when our children leave and worse off we are called horrible child abusers just so you can live on your own. It is a shame that you don't take anyone else's feelings into account. Worse off is that we are left paying the friggin' tab when you get yourself in trouble. We'd love to cut you loose but the law wont let us. Good luck to you, I hope you get what you want but it could be at the loss of your family's trust, love and respect..... sure hope the boy's worth it.


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