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determining paternity in michigan

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  • determining paternity in michigan

    my husband recently received a legal document from an ex-girlfriend asking him to terminate his parental rights on her son, so he can be adopted by her husband. based upon the timing of the birth and other factors, he does not believe he is the father of this child, and has not been contacted by this woman for the 6 years since the child's birth. he has never seen the child and never signed a birth certificate or any other document indicating that he is the father. my question is: how could state courts draw up this document asking him to 1) admit he is the father and 2) give up his rights if there is nothing documenting the paternity??? this does not make sense to me, as it seems that this document was drawn up based upon her word and nothing else.

    though he would certainly not oppose the adoption, it seems like a bad idea for him to admit paternity (even to give it up) for a child that he is 99% sure isn't his. i am really confused and upset by the whole thing, so any advice is appreciated. thanks.

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    I didn't know who the father of my daughter was but I was almost certain. I wanted my husband to adopt her and the supposed father to sign over his rights. So, I went to talk to an attorney about an adoption/termination. He told me that he would send the father a document for him to sign to sign over his rights. That piece of paper isn't saying that he is the father. It's saying that IF he is the father he is signing over his rights. Paternity tests run about $400 on AVERAGE so in the long run, it's just saving him money. She might have 3-4 guys whose the father and I bet they all got the same document.
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      If he does not think he is the father, respond saying this and requesting that a DNA test be ordered so he can prove he is not the father.


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        Have him take the test and go from there. If he is the father he does not know this child so it would be in the best intrest of the child for him to let her husband adopt and the bio dad to sign over his rights.


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          ...i'm in the same boat!

          I had recently gotten a call from a woman in Idaho who my husband had a one night stand with last year and wants him to give up parental rights for her new born son who is 5 months old. We both live in WA.. My husband has never seen him but had been accused last year about being the father but denied it because he knows 99% it isn't his. We both think she is trying to get him to sign over parental rights so that she can prove that he is the father and then claim child support from him. IS that even possible? If he hands over his rights IF he is the father does he still have to pay child support? We haven't been served any papers yet so what should we do? And she claims she put his name on her son's birth certificate, but doesn't the father need to be there to sign it as well? I think she may be lying and just wants someone to pay for child support.

          To the woman who is in the same situation..I feel your pain and frustration! I hope things work out and she leaves you alone.


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