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  • court order michigan

    I was wondering, when i get to court for visitation for my daughter, and the mother does not obey the court order and still witholds my child from me for no GOOD reason, can I call the cops to make her give me my daughter for my time, or at least make a report to take to court to file her on not following the court order?

    Also, if she does deny me and I take her back to court everytime she does, what kind of trouble will she get into, if any? Thanks

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    Yes You Can

    If the court orders visitation and the mother still does not allow it you can call the cops each and every time she does. Obviosuly if the court thinks you are fit to take your daughter and you are cooperating with any child support orders, just take your paperwork to the mothers house and wait there for the police, show them the paperwork and they will make her give your daughter to you. Trust me I have experience with this. My best friend went through this for a long time and every other weekend for almost two months he called the police. Then get a copy of the report from the police which usually takes a couple days and bring it back to court and if she pulls it again they can hold her in contempt of court. You have to fight her on this, you have the same rights to your daughter as she does. I'm sure she takes the child support money every week, then she better take her daughter to see her father.
    Good luck!!


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      Hope this helps

      We are currently going through the same situation. Really it depends on what your parenting time states, if it says reasonable and liberable it seems to have bitten us in the butt! Every time we have called the police and she has even admitted that it was our visitaion, they say they can't get involved in civil matters. We have a FOC hearing on Thursday this week, in which we are asking that she has to bring them to the police station and we stipulated exact times and holidays. It costs $100 and a little time to look into it, but I'm hoping that we have finally come up with a parenting plan that she has to abide by. There is a website that we used to make our parenting plan, it should be of some help to you.
      Scroll down and click on the parenting time guidline.
      This along with the police reports of her denials, we're hoping will help.


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        Thank you all! Yes she does absolutly take her $137 a week I send her! She gets it on time every week on the nose. She is a selfish person that want all to go her way or no way! Control freak to be exact!

        We do have a court order for childsupport, and in that order it states reasonable parenting time. She is not excersizing that reasonable parenting time. She sais since we had a dissagreement, which was only because she wanted me to take the baby, which I did, and she wanted me to take her home at like 10:00pm cause american idol was on and she wanted to watch it with her church friends. Well I told her I will keep the baby, but I will not bring her home that late. Either you come pick her up because I have work and you don't, or she can just stay the night and my wife will bring her home in the morning. She said ok to her staying the night. Well she calls at like 7pm and sias I think you need to just bring her home when I asked. I said NO, you can come get her then!! She said oh are you gonna keep my child from me!! I said I never said I was gonna keep her from you, I simply said if you want me to keep her that late, then you have to pick her up. She said I am gonna get her NOW! I said so your gonna interupt my time just because I said I was not gonna bring her home late? She said yes, and came to get her. She called later that night at like 9pm and said I don't think you need to get her anymore at your house, that you can come to my house for 1hour 2 times a week untill you get a court order specifying your time, I was advised to tell you that by a good source! I said you cant do that! You can't go from letting me get her everyother weekend and 1 day during the week just because we got into a little argument! She said well I just did!

        I hired an attourney and am in the process of getting my regular parenting time signed by a judge!


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          my court order stated that the kids could visit their dad in the city that he lived in only. i live in a neighboring town. the order didn't say who had to get the kids to him. he lost his drivers license because he wasn't paying his fines, and so i always drove the kids to him and picked them up otherwise he would have done it without a license or insurance. i talked to a lawyer that said that i was not responsible for always driving them over there and back. the point of this is, i wanted the kids to see their dad (even though i personally don't like him at all anymore). try to remember that this should be all about the kids, and that you do need to have everything in the parenting plan very specific.


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