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Divorcing in Michigan

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  • Divorcing in Michigan

    Hi..I recently left my husband(mutual dicision between us)and moved to Maine from Michigan. I was married for 21 yrs. We have 3 children ages 21,20,and 17.We own a 3 bedroom,ranch style home on 10 acres and I am just wondering if we have to split the equity that is in the home right now right down the middle,or is it the total value of the home and property that we have to split? We are trying to get along thru this as best as possible,he is trying to remain as owner of the home,and I am just trying to get what I deserve without him making me feel like I dont deserve as much. I would appreicialte any input. Thank-You.

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    You need to talk to your divorce attorney. What is equal is hard to say not knowing the entire picture- whether you worked or stayed home, etc.... If he wants to keep the home, usually he will have to give you something equal to your share of the equity. Not knowing your situation, hard to say. There is just too many possibilities ehre.


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