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Michigan visitation

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  • Michigan visitation

    My husband, in which I have been married to for only 4months, but have been in a realtionship on and off for 9years, and we have 3 kids together, has a 1.5yr old daughter by another woman. We have not gone to court for visitation yet, because they have worked it out between the 2 of them for the last 9 months. Well of course its not easy dealing with mom because she is selfish with daughter and does not let my hubby get her that much. Well we are sick of it all, and are taking her to court for court appointed visitation. My hubby already has a court order for child support and my hubby has always paid. We are interested in knowing if my hubby askes for everyother weekend, and 1 day during the week, if you think he will get that. We did hire a attourney, and he seems to think we will definitly get it as long as mom does not put up a fight. if she does we will probibly still get it, but just not as easily as if she were to just agree to it. When she found out we were taking her to court for visitation, she got mad, and told my hubby that daughter is no longer allowed at our home, and if HE wants to see her, then HE will have to go to her home for 1 hour to see the child 2 times a week untill the judge gives us a order. We have not seen daughter in 2 weeks, my hubby has tried to call her and set something up to go and see her, but she does not call back, finally she did and hubby is gonna go see child on sunday afternoon for 1 hr. We have been seeing child at least 3 times a week for about 4 hrs, and everyother friday overnight. But since she found out about court she just stopped it. Any advice other than wait till a judge sias whats gonna go? Thanks

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    If he is up to date on support the judge will most likely grant him every wends 6-9pm and every other weekend.


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      Yes, he is up to date on support. He just wants to see his child that the mom is witholding because she needs all control of everything. When she found out he was going to court for visitation, she had a coniption fit. She hates the fact that my hubby is gonna finally have something set to where he actually has rights and that she is not going to be able to change his time at the drop of a dime, or deny him visitation because her parents want the baby, or something stupid whenever she felt like being controlling.


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