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  • custody,michigan

    My son shares custody of my grandson and he is in the military ( out of country) my grandson`s mother gave me power of att: of my grandson and left state to live! my grandson has lived with me and his father 90 percent of his 21 months of life.Can I do something to get her custody removed and placed in my custody while my son is in the military? She is a unfit mother and really doesnt want him she just wanted to get back at my son for divorcing her,she has had cps called on her many times but they dont do anything and she has a drug problem and has had 3 MIP in the last 6 mos, she is a mess, what can I do ?

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    At this point, it sounds like the best you could do would be to go to court and petition to become the child's legal guardian. But as a practical matter, there is a strong chance the court may do nothing unless your son can provide some type of power of attorney to you over the kid because of the Soldiers and Sailors Act. So you may be limited in what you can do until he gets home, unless you also have a power of attorney from him regarding the child. I suggest you consult a local attorney to see if they have any other ideas.


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      custody, michigan

      I can get my son to send me what I need ! I talked to him on the phone and that wont be a problem, do I need a lawyer to do this?


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        Yes you should research your third party custody laws and talk to an attorney about the situation. If she has CPS cases your son could easily get custody of the child and give you as a grand parent legal custody to make decisions affecting the child while he is away at military


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