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What types of information can be released from an adoption record in Michigan?

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  • What types of information can be released from an adoption record in Michigan?

    What types of information can be released from an adoption record in Michigan?

    I look forward to your response!

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    Re: What types of information can be released from an adoption record in Michigan?

    For the adult adoptee, information that can be released from an adoption record depends upon when parental rights were terminated:
    · If parental rights were terminated prior to May 28, 1945 but after September 12, 1980 and there is no parental statement of denial found in the Central Adoption Registry, the adopted person would be entitled to receive identifying information.
    · If parental rights were terminated after May 28, 1945 but before September 12, 1980, the identifying information can only be released about the birth parent who has filed a statement of consent or of the adult birth sibling who filed a statement of consent. If the birth parent is deceased, information about that birth parent can be released. If there is no statement found, the release of information is considered the same as if the parent had filed a statement of denial.
    The birth parents, adult birth sibling, and the adoptive parents of a minor child would be able to receive non-identifying information.

    What is the difference between identifying and nonidentifying information?

    Identifying information is defined as: · Name of each biological parent at the time of termination of parental rights · Most recent name and address of each biological parent · Names of biological siblings at the time of termination. Nonidentifying information is defined as: · Date, time and place of birth of the adopted person including the hospital, city, county and state. · An account of the health, psychological and genetic history of the child, including an account of the child's prenatal care; mental condition at birth; any drug or medication taken by the child's mother during pregnancy; and subsequent medical, psychological, psychiatric, or dental examination and diagnosis; any psychological evaluation done when the child was under the jurisdiction of the court; any neglect or physical, sexual or emotional abuse suffered by the child; and a record of any immunizations and health care the child received while in foster care. · An account of the health, psychological, and genetic history of the biological parents and other members of the child's family including any known hereditary condition or disease; the health of each parent at the child's birth, a summary of the findings of any medical, psychological, or psychiatric evaluation of each parent at the time of placement; and, if a parent is deceased, the cause of and the age at death. · Description of the adoptee and the adoptee's birth family including given first name of the adoptee at birth o age and sex of siblings of adoptee o adoptee's enrollment and performance in school, educational testing results and special education needs o adoptee's racial, ethnic and religious background and a general description of birth parents including age o account of adoptee's past and existing relationship with any relative, foster parent or other individual or facility with whom the adoptee had lived or visited on a regular basis. The account shall not include names and address of individuals. o educational, occupational, professional, athletic or artistic achievement of the birth family o circumstances of any court order terminating parental rights of birth parents o length of time between termination of parental rights and child's placement o status of termination, voluntary, or court ordered o any information necessary to determine the child's eligibility for state or federal benefits including financial, medical or other assistance.· Any agency or court may supplement this information with appropriate additional nonidentifying information.

    Is there any recourse for me as an adult adoptee to gain identifying information if the birth parent has not filed a statement and my adoption occurred between the May 28, 1945 and September 12, 1980 time period?

    The adoption law created the confidential intermediary program as a means for search. It is important for individuals who are interested in pursuing this program to contact the court directly to learn more about how their program works. The court would be the court holding the record of adoption.

    Please contact me again if I can help in any way.
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