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    Hi I want to know a few questions about the Michigan Family Laws.
    I'm a little scared here because I never been though this before My 6 month old daughters father and I are having a messed up relationship now I ordered a petition for physical custody parenting time and child support. He recently married and now he's making up things to make me look bad on my end as far as saying things like you wont let me see my daughter which isn't true so my first question is can he hold his support by making up things like me not letting him see her? Is his wife suppose to be in the middle of all this?Her daughter has cancer and I feel that my daughter should not be there overnite because if somthing happens her my daughter can't go to the hospital with them if somthing happens and my daughters needs are limited because of that I went out of town for 2 weeks and when I came back she called me first and I didn't responed but when he called i talk to him once again about coming to get her on the weekend.But he doesn't know yet about me filing this petition Im scared that they are going to try to take her from me I'm not unfit I live with my Grandmother and I do work but it's not a real good paying job but it pays the bills and I take care of both my children my son is 14 years old so what he doesn't do i have to do it I feel I shouldn't have to ask for it I told him to mail his support he wont do it so PPPLEASE TELL ME SOMTHING!!!!!!!!!!!
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    I think maybe you should seek a motion for contempt since accusations are being hurled your way that are untrue, and the communication situation is bad to poor, and you are being lied on. I suggest making the court aware of all of this. If it gets to be too bad, you may need to go back to court to seek review of the custody and visitation and ask that the father have day visits specifically and that the threats stop. I suspect this is all about money. I also suggest consulting with local legal counsel if possible.


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      No girl the child support he is not paying is a plus for your team. The first thing they look at when going for custody is, is the father up to date on his child support if not most often the mother will win the custody and child support will have to be paid. Child support has to be paid even if he is not seeing the child. However, you as the mother must encourage a true relationship between the child and the absent parent.


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