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18 year old guy dating 16 year old girl Michigan

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  • 18 year old guy dating 16 year old girl Michigan

    I've known this girl since I was 16 and she was 13. Her and i have grown very close and we want to date but we're afraid of her parents doing anything to get in the way of that, after all her step-dad is a cop. I just wanted to know if they could acquire a restraining order or press some sort of charges against me if her and I date. From my understanding if her and I were to have sex or anything of the sort I wouldn't be able to be brought up on sexual assault charges or am I wrong about that one? She doesn't want to sneak around so our only option would be to talk to her parents whom are very strict and very religious.

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    The law has no opinion on who you take to the basketball game. The law does not care who you take to the school dance. The law doesn't give two hoots who you hang out with at the mall.

    The law very much cares who has sexual activity with a minor.

    If you are looking for someone to give permission for a legal adult, to have sex with a minor, you're not going to find anyone here who will do that. You are correct that in your state, you won't go to jail for it. That doesn't mean it's okay. It's not.

    And the entire thing is determined by what her parents say. At 16, they OWN her. If they don't want her going out with you, even if you never do anything even remotely sexual, then guess what? She doesn't go out with you. They are GOD until she turns 18 and not one minute earlier, and even after that if she expects to live in their house and be financially supported by them. Their house, their rules. They may or may not be able to do anything to you (restraining orders and being arrested for trespassing come to mind) but there are a lot of very unpleasant things they can do to her that neither you nor she will like one bit, and the law will permit every one of them.

    So if you want to see this girl, I suggest making very, very nice with her parents because it's entirely up to them if she is allowed out of the house for anything short of school and religious service.
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      There are no laws that define or restrict "dating" its when sex or sexual contact (does not have to be physical) happens that the law applies. The parents of the minor have 100% control over who spends time with their child. If parents forbid contact its over


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