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A bad situatation for an 8 year old- HELP! Michigan

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  • mommyof4
    It seems she may be a touch overweight, but not morbidly obese. The upper scale of optimal weight for an 8 year old girl is appx. 88 pounds. Her height is within normal range. If she is experiencing an early-ish onset of puberty or is very muscular, that could account for her weight, as well. BMI is a much better way to determine obesity than just a comparison of height and weight.

    Now, that said....

    Where is Dad living? Is it seperate from the child? Why does Dad have custody of the child?

    This is NOT a CPS matter. I understand that the house the child is living in is not exactly what most of us consider ideal and her clothes don't meet Mom's standards, but the child isn't actually in danger.

    We also have to remember that you are hearing this from Mom. You have not actually seen the conditions (or the child) for yourself. It is possilbe that Mom might be imbelishing just a bit due to her anger that the child is with Dad (well, sort of).

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  • A bad situatation for an 8 year old- HELP! Michigan

    My close friend has a eight year old daughter who is living with her grandparents (the girls fathers parents).
    The problem is the mother is paying child support to the father & has brought it to the attention of the Friend of the Court that the girl isn't living with her father, and the Friend of the Court has done nothing.
    When the mother picks her daughter up from the ex-in-laws, the girl is always in clothes that are dirty, don't fit, she is dirty, the house has animal feces in it, and the little girl is 4 foot 6 inches and weighs 97lbs.
    The mother called protective services but the person she talked to was rude and told her, "all kids are fat these days". She's at her wits end and needs advice.
    What do I tell her to do? I haven't seen it with my own eyes because we live about 90 miles from eachother, so I can't report it. HELP!!!!
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