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Adult Gardianship Michigan

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  • Adult Gardianship Michigan

    The parents of an adult female, living in a group home, have financial and medical gaurdianship of thier daughter. The daughter has proven over and over again that she is able to make decisions on her own or with minimal supervision. The daughter, whom I work for in the group home, has graduated from high school and works at a grocery store in the area. She is quite capable of living in her own apartment with minimul supervision. The daughter, a psychiatrist, two psychologists, the case worker and the group home manager have worked diligently on trying to pursuade the parents to drop the gaurdianship. The parents refuse. They have actually been verbally and emotionally abusive to thier daughter by telling her they won't talk to her anymore, won't love her anymore and won't let her be involved in any family functions and such if she doesn't stop fighting for her rights. The parents have also been reported to adult protective services for physically hitting the daughter in the face because of her smart mouth. With the aforementioned and more the parents refuse to give up gaurdianship. Unfortunately the fight for gaurdianship with the court involvement is coming up. The daughter was informed today that even though she has proven herself, the courts rarely deny parents gaurdianship once it's been given to them. The daughter obviously does not have control over her money therefore cannot hire her own attorney to represent her. At this point what can she legally do to help herself? Any suggestions would be great!

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    Now, I'll just type out the exact answer for you...

    PC 638 Petition to terminate or modify guardianship

    "The individual has the right to petition the court or to contact the court by informal letter. The guardian is prohibited from interfering with transmittal of such a letter. Upon reciept of the letter, the court will appoint a lawyer for the individual."
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