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    Children and family's are being sold out by the tens of thousands for the good old mighty dollar, The divorce rate is driven by each individual state as they seek to limit the time a non-custodial parent can spend with there children. In the united states it is the only place where a parent can go from a full time parent to a part time visitor in the blink of an eye and a stroke of a pen. How many really understand the motivation of the family courts.

    Did you know there is in fact a bounty put on the heads of our children, Rest assured its real, The family courts in the united states is broke like a train wreck and it is on a crash course with the best interest of OUR children and there futures. While devastating the lives of family's across the nation.

    (THE MIGHTY DOLLAR) That is created out of federal funding has become a very lucrative business for each and every individual state also referred to as welfare reform (Commonly Referred to as Title 4D) while the political figures smoke the truth with BEST INTEREST OF THE CHILD.

    WHAT CAN WE DO, Rest assured the wheels are in motion, on 09/01/2006 A complaint was filed (FEDERAL LEVEL) With the inspector General in Washington DC, On 09/01/2006 I did receive a referral from the IG,s Office to the United States Department of Justice ( Civil Rights Division). Being in most divorce cases the civil and constitutional rights of BOTH parents involved in divorce proceedings are being trampled on by the abuse that runs far and wide in the Judicial system. The discretion must be removed and accountability put in place.

    You ask, (WHO AM I) I am a parent that has been pushed to the limit, that over the last 15 years has been rail road-ed beyond the point of no return. I will let the News Story's that have been done over the last 11 months speak for them selves as I will place a few links to ABC,NBC & CBS News story's, I as well have created a spot of gathering for people from all across the united states. Even though I reside in Michigan every one knows this is a national problem. WE MUST SPEAK OUT LOUD. I have an area on the site for you to sign a petition and even tell your story if you would like. JUST SIGN the Petition and the members of the site will make sure it makes its way to Washington, as the wheels are already in motion.

    News Story's from the media, In fact at the Capitol Building in Lansing Michigan, the first step to Washington.

    So you can see, I am serious about these issues, enough is enough, its time for the family's stand up for the rights of there children.

    Petition can be found at

    Good luck, and give your kids a hug and kiss as many do not have that privilege.
    If you have any questions please feel free to ask, as my door is open, I have nothing to hide.
    Mr Douglas M Richardson
    [email protected]

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    Before you multi post, can you at least run the thing through a spell and/or grammar checker.

    It is hard to take you seriously when you can't straighten out the whole there - their - they're thing and post in sentence fragments.
    Not everything that makes you mad, sad or uncomfortable is legally actionable.

    I am not now nor ever was an attorney.

    Any statements I make are based purely upon my personal experiences and research which may or may not be accurate in a court of law.


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      Please excuse my Imperfections, I work 55 hours per week, week in and week out. I have a family to raise like many. If you followed the links back to the news story's that have been conducted on the fight at hand surrounding the issues that effect your family as much as any ones you will see my dedication to exposing and forcing change in the family courts. I dedicate my time in the evenings, This morning I was up at 4:00am to work on these issues before coming to work. Please don't let my Imperfections cloud the issues I have dedicated to expose and have literally placed my self in the sites of the state to take out of the equation.

      The truth is our family's are being sold out by the entire system for the benefit of the states to receive federal funding, and bonuses to the highest collectors of support. England just announced they are completely demolishing the entire family court system for these very same reasons, the united states needs to follow suit, it is the only answer to find justice in the lives of all of our family's.

      This is just the tip of the iceberg, there are many issues that need addressing and exposing such as the $367 BILLION in collected undistributed child support funds, Remember we are talking about a system that even the IRS holds no candle to.

      Mr Douglas M Richardson

      [email protected]


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        As I agree that some get thier rights taken away, when they shouldn't, I also agree, that some don't deserve to have the custody that they did have, and in court, these reasons are presented to a judge, and if the judge finds the parent to be "not fit" to raise the child, then they lose their rights. Yes like anything, your rights sometimes have to do with how much money do you have to fight for these rights, if it is an open shut case of a person who is obviously unfit to raise a child, or even a danger to that child, I would not care how much money they have, they should not be raising that child.


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          I totally agree that in your case you have every reason to be pissed off. Paying child support for a child that was the product of an affair and then having to pay that money to the bio-dad. You got Railroaded.
          And the "system" has lots of problems. There are plenty of people that don't see a penny of support from the real dad's of thier kids. It's sad.
          I wish you every luck on your fight: unfortunatly you are the ripple of a pebble thrown in the ocean during a hurricane.


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            I think I should read the links so I know what this man has been through.


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              The Story

              Thank you for taking the time too look at the link,I did not openly explain and disclose the particulars of my case because I have found most people don't believe the story until they actually see it reported by the news themselves. Just to grab peoples attention that fail to view the links I am a man that was ordered to pay another man child support for his own biological son.It was a case of paternity fraud 100%.

              I met my ex-wife when I was 19, she soon told me she was pregnant so I married her trying to do the right thing, 3 1/2 years later another child was born. a short time after we were married I came home from work to an empty home to later find out she moved in with a prior boy friend I knew nothing about, while going through the divorce the eldest child about 5 at the time was at my home visiting, I over heard a phone conversation between him and this other man, hearing him call him dad. that is what started the whole quest for DNA. I found through the results he was in fact the father of the first child and I was the father of the second.

              Keep in mind I am summing a 2 1/2 year divorce up in a very short paragraph. While going through the divorce the judge fought me all the way, the end result was the judge terminated my visitation to both children and ordered health care and support on them both. so for 10 years I just paid the support and insurance as ordered and tried to go on with my life. keep in mind the children and my ex-wife lived with this man the entire time. they took an oath I would have nothing to do with either of these children, and the courts backed them. this was in 1992, in 2001 the mother moved out of the house and abandoned the children with this man, the courts granted him custody of both children his and mine. I was never informed of the custody change until 7 months later, and the only reason I was informed was they sent me a letter. A change of payee, in fact informing me I was now ordered to pay him child support directly. To give you just some kind of idea of what kind of people I am dealing with while going through the divorce I also found out before I met this woman she gave a child up for adoption, the father wanted nothing to do with the child, THIS MAN WAS THE FATHER of that child as well.

              There are are lot more facts to the case, some make the statements, you should have fought it harder, I fought it for almost 3 years and $10,s of thousands of dollars in attorney fees, the court judge had it out for me from personal reasons and used this as a way for revenge. this was a case of pure corruption all the way through. so I sucked it up and went on, after the courts violated many of my civil and constitutional rights I decided enough is enough.

              While going through the divorce I went through 3 different attorneys, each had a specific specialty which proved to only be, take my money, but when I fired my second attorney and was looking for a new one I was in court at the judgment of divorce,(with out an attorney) this was when I was fighting to have DNA done after being told about the first child not being my child, on the record I asked for a continence 3 times so I could hire new counsel, stating there was paternity issues that had arisen as new evidence in the case. the judge on the record denied me the right to counsel.and continued to the judgment of divorce over my objections.

              A lot of people second guess My story, They say there has to be more to it, NOPE this is just how it went down. and the media has investigated this case with actual court transcripts to verify the entire ordeal, obviously they would not be supporting if I was out of line in any way, I was never abusive I always paid my support to the tune of $150.000 out of pocket for support and medical. In the united states they claim the only way visitation can be terminated is by violence, not true as proved in my case, one must remember the judges work under the I can rule. Well its been 15 years, and it my turn to operate under the I can rule. I can exercise my rights to protect the very same rights that are drafted in the constitution, that in fact protects my civil rights.

              I will excuse me run this right up their ***, Not only did these people make me pay for a child that was proved not to be mine, and pay his father to raise him, they in fact revoked my rights of parentage of my biological son and smeared it in my face that they let another non-biological person raise my son. So I did not only have funds extorted from me, I lost 17 years of a relationship that obviously can never be replaced with my real son. I will now expose why the courts are so concerned with the collection of support, MONEY MONEY MONEY, The federal funding is their drive, not the best interest of the child they claim. And to answer ones question, yes I am suing, the mother & father for fraud, the county for gross negligence and the state of Michigan, and it will not be chump change.

              My goal right now being The case was just closed as reported by the media, that in fact gives me a 2 year statutes of limitations to pursue the civil suits. Is to get a federal investigation conducted on the family courts, remove the corruption form the system and give the parents their rights back, and most of all stop the extortion for federal funding. Yes this is a very big fight, but I have big motivation as well. I will not sit back and watch another family torn apart by the greed of the corrupt individuals with in the judicial system.

              A lot of documents can be found at I have published the court transcripts open to the public,

              Mr Douglas M Richardson

              [email protected]


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                My prayers are with you! Are you doing this representing yourself? I know you had crappy lawyers, but I do worry about you hurting your cause and your case, by representing yourself. I am so sorry this happened. I can not understand why they would not let you find another attorney, when you fired yours. You hear so much of people on death row, firing thier attorneys, and then getting the continuence (sp)? Keep us updated on how this goes for you!!


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                  Thank You

                  Thank you for taking an interest, Not in my case but the injustices of the family court system, That is what this is all about, all of us and more importantly our children. I hold the same concerns as you yourself, Yes I am working pro-per on my case. The largest hurdle that I have had to over come is the sexist issues involved in my case, any time you expose a situation such as this,(paternity Fraud) every one wants to go on the defense mode and start pointing fingers. My concerns and my fight is how each individual situation is handled ( or Mishandled ) in the courts them selves.

                  I have worked with many members of the senate here in Michigan, I also have a lot of support, There are several bills that have been drafted and are up for vote, how ever if you leave the discretion up to the judges, the change in the laws proves to be a waste of time being that is where the real problems lie. My ultimate goal and I do have support from congress is to have DNA conducted at birth. if we establish paternity out of the gate it will eliminate the issues of paternity fraud, the very first thing done when a child is born is swab their mouth out it would be that simple over and done with. If we truly seek the best interest of a child, it is only fair they know their real heritage and true medical back ground, It is their right.

                  As far as attorneys, I like to compare them to the automakers, each and every year automobile are designed more sophisticated to eliminate the back yard mechanics, dealer item only parts. why MONEY. It truly proves very hard to find an attorney that will $hit in the same place he eats. keep in mind all across the nation attorneys are being paid handsomely by the unfortunate individuals that have a breakdown in a relationship that end up in divorce court. when an attorney is in the court room he is on the playing field of the Judicial system, he as well can be black balled.they fail to address certain issues properly, I find most counselors prefer to plea bargain rather then rock the boat. The only way to truly and properly defend an individual that has been placed in the situation that I have is to take away the powers of the district and circuit court judges, FEDERAL LEVEL. Your every day attorney is incompetent to federal laws, and federal attorneys prove to be very limited.

                  I am not the only member of We have put our heads together as a group and are collecting cases from across the entire united states, its is a very slow process, we receive some that are really not worthy and hold no bearing to the fight and exposure, many hold true civil rights violations. we right now have 28 cases that have been submitted, once we garner enough cases it will prove to be very lucrative for a large firm to take them as a class action suit. The one area we are working on is the petition, it proves to be very difficult to get people to sign, we have 343 signatures at this moment, we are seeking thousands to make an impact. Every one seems to agree the system is broke but fail to take action, but continue to complain and seek solutions. every one must join together, show some sort of unity and be heard loud and clear.

                  Mr Douglas M Richardson

                  [email protected]


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                    Wow, if you get that passed, I could see alot of divorces lol!


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                      If I am reading between the lines right, LOL you are an attorney. You know where I am coming from then. You understand the fight of this at hand then. And yes it will prove to be difficult, but is some thing that can be accomplished, but it will take deep understanding and very open minds.


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                        Originally posted by Doug Richardson/DNA DADDY
                        If I am reading between the lines right, LOL you are an attorney. You know where I am coming from then. You understand the fight of this at hand then. And yes it will prove to be difficult, but is some thing that can be accomplished, but it will take deep understanding and very open minds.
                        No honey, I am not an attorney, but yes, I could see the fight at hand. Look at Jerry Springer lol, no I don't watch it, but my best friends mom did alot! Sooo many people going, oh by the way, this child is not yours. If this is passed, they will know right away, so those who have been dishonest, and plan to be, would fight the fight, to not be found out. I for one, would vote for DNA testing. It would only piss off the ones who plan on cheating, and not plan on being caught at the birth of the child.


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