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Aan a Minor move out in Michigan with permission?

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  • Aan a Minor move out in Michigan with permission?

    I'm 16 and will be 17 in January, my friends (whom I've known for quite a few years) and I have found a house that we could easily afford, two of us have Jobs, the third is seeking one. I'd like to know if I am legally able to move out of my parents house and into one with my friends, if given permission. I've seen the threads about Emancipation, but from my understanding thats for people who want to be seperated from their parents for reasons such as abuse. I simply want to move out, no hard feelings for my folks at all. Can I do it?
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    I think if your parents give you permission there would be no problem. Are you sure you can afford it? The cost of lights, water, heat, phone, food, and all other household products? Trust me it is not cheap.


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      Mom26 is correct. If you have your parents' consent (both parents) then you can legally move out. However, your parents are still 100% financially and legally responsible for you.
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        I've always been aware of costs, sometimes more aware than my parents. Thanks for the info and warning, I apreciate it.


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