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a couple questions..HELP if you can. Michigan

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  • a couple questions..HELP if you can. Michigan

    mmmkay i have a couple questions for ya'll if you can help in ANY way please do. thank you in advance.

    1)What can a 14 year old & a 18 year old leagally do?
    2)When there's a 16 year old & a 20 Year old.. i know that in michigan the "age of consent" is 16 but what does that mean.? does it mean that the 16 year old can have sex with anyone their parents give consent to of any age or just a 16 or 17 year old?
    3)If you are 16 and you have consent from your father and your parents are separated with you're father being your custodial parent.. can your mother do anything about it ?!

    again like i said if you can help in any way.. PLEASE PLEASE DO!!

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    You know a 14 year old should not be with an 18 year old. I believe that would be up to the parents weather they agree or not. I know I myself was in a relationship when i was 15 with a 19 year old but mom and dad approved. Anything we did weather watch tv or anything at the house they were always around, sometime they let me drive in his car but only to certain places and i had to call when i got there, but anyways if one parents says yes and the other no you boyfriend is over the age and could get in trouble.Do not have sex what ever you do us tax payers pay enough already for these teen out there having babies and collecting welfare.


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