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  • New divorce help Michigan

    Recently my wife of almost ten years told me that she does not love me anymore. We have three kids together and I love all my kids dearly. 8 months ago she left me from Michigan to Indiana because her and I were having problems. We decided that a seperation would be good for us and I let her go without a fight. While we were seperated I was looking for a job here in michigan while she found a job there in Indy. I was not exactly the best husband in the world, but her and I still loved each other through all our faults. I realized every day that I missed her more and more. Thinking that this seperation was starting to die and we would eventually get back together, she dropped this bombshell on me. to make matters worse, my wife lives very close to my mother, and I live close to my wife's mother. I found a VERY good job that makes me an executive. The money is good and the job is not exactly brain surgery. This job is something that I am not willing to leave and quite frankly I am content with my wife not loving me anymore. The thing that bothers me the most is that she lives in Indy with our three kids, and I live here. My wife wants FULL custody, but my understanding of full custody is that she will have more control than I will over the decisions regarding these kids. I have no problem supporting my kids, but with me and her being 350 miles away from each other it will be harder to see them. She lives in Indy because the schools are (So called) better and she has more friends there. I am VERY confused with my options. I dont trust my wife right now as far as I can throw her. My mother isnt a very big help for me either(At least she hasnt shown me yet) (My mother and I are working through our issues...longer story). My wife and my mother have a better relationship than my mom and I. So it makes for a very interesting problem. Any help or advice would be great.

    Thank you again


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    Good luck on everything is all the advice I can give you.


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