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Out of State out of Country Maryland Says TAKE the CHILD

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  • Out of State out of Country Maryland Says TAKE the CHILD

    My daughter is embroiled in a custody adn ivorce case from a aman who raped her, beat her and psychologically abused her.

    the state of Maryland Granted her a protection order, but when it comes to Custody, they ignore it all. the Violence, the fact that this man can't hardly even change a diaper, feed the baby, bathe the baby or supervise him in any way.

    The father from the very beginning has been trying to get his hands on the necessary papaerwork to get a passport for my grandson. State of Maryland's reaponse,, my daughter is exaggerating. NOW inspite of everything, with no testomony from ANY one that has seen teh abuse, they are granting joint custody with unsupervised visittation. The babay is still breast feed five times a day, and they say the father can take the baby for 8 hours!!!! It only takes 30 minutes to drive teo BWI Airport and he will be in Egypt before we can even sound the Amber Alert. They also say it is OK for him to take the baby to Pennsylavania where he lives, like he will EVER return the child.

    We are very confused about where the best interest of the child is, only the best interest of the Father is being considered here.

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    Maybe you need to have the case removed to a different county in Maryland- maybe she can move or something, and in the meantime- was evidence presented to the court that Dad raped the bio Mom and did bio Mom file criminal charges against bio Dad. Usually, the Mom would have sole custody and the father no contact order but possibly required to pay visitation, or parental rights would be terminated.
    Something went horribly wrong here. If you do not have counsel, get it- state attorneys office or see if you can get pro bono counsel thru the bar association
    The other problem-- if he is an Egyptian national, then you need to make sure the restraining order is filed with their consulate also to make sure they do not assist him in taking the child back to Egypt.


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      Take The Child

      We have counsel and we are told that although we have moved to another county, Prince Georges, that it makes no difference.

      what has gone wrong is Anne Arundel Court has been taken in by the abusive Father. He plays the part of a victim VERY well. We have filed the restraining order with the consulate, however, Maryland has just told us that becuase there have been no overt incidents, it will not be extended. he wispers to her weekly things like, I will fight you til you die, I will take my son becuae you are just a useless woman, I have the court custody evaluator in my pocket, she is just another stupid american woman.

      We report this behavior and are told by the courts that we are lying. No she didn't file charges on the rape, primarily because it happened and then he locked her in the house for 6 weeks until the bruises were gone and she had nothing to substatiate the claims. He then went with her to the Drs and told the Dr very quietly that she has problems and he is a loving husband trying to help her. She was visibly upset, and could not get the words out, so the Dr believed him.

      In Fact the custody Evaluator is so taken with the Father she is recommending that he take the child three days a week to his home in PA. Inspite of the fact that my daughter's religion says she should breastfeed for 2 years.
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        only a suggestion

        Is your daughter in counsiling if not I suggest that she get in some and have the counsoler go to court with her on her behalf and tell the court what she is saying to them!! I believe it would cost something but it may help in the long run of things!!! I will pray for your family with this horrible situation..
        Miss Ok


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