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  • Weird situation...

    >Maryland Alimony Guidelines.
    In making the determination for alimony, Maryland laws specify the following guidelines for the court to consider:1. The ability of the party seeking alimony to be wholly or partly self-supporting;2. The time necessary for the party seeking alimony to gain sufficient education or training to enable that party to find suitable employment;3. The standard of living that the parties established during their marriage;4. The duration of the marriage;5. The contributions, monetary and non-monetary, of each party to the well-being of the family;6. The circumstances that contributed to the estrangement of the parties;7. The age of each party;8. The physical and mental condition of each party;9. The ability of the party from whom alimony is sought to meet that party's needs while meeting the needs of the party seeking alimony;10. Any agreement between the parties;11. The financial needs and financial resources of each party, includinga. All income and assets, including property that does not produce income;b. Any award of property made by the court;c. The nature and amount of the financial obligations of each party; andd. The right of each party to receive retirement benefits; and12. Whether the award would cause a spouse who is a resident of a related institution as defined in ยง 19-301 of the Health-General Article and from whom alimony is sought to become eligible for medical assistance earlier than would otherwise occur.-From 11-106 of the Maryland Code.

    Nothing in any of that that I posted would make me think I'd have to
    pay for alimony. I may have talked to another woman on a computer, but
    it can hardly be defined as adultery in any court of law.


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