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    Okay Here Is My Position And I Need As Many Opinions As Possible.

    I Have Been With This Guy For Almost 3 Yrs Now. I Do Love Him And We Do Live Together. We Have A 19 Month Old Little Girl. We Live In Maryland And We Are Planning A Move To Florida Real Soon. Im So Scared To Go Down And End Up Alone And Him Try To Take Custody Of Our Daughter. Does Anyone Know The Custody Laws Down In Florida And If You Have To Proven To Be A Totally Unfit Parent?
    Im So Scared To Go Down With Him. We Have Been Through Some Rough Spells And I Always Seem To Find Another Reason To Stay With Him. It Is Now Getting To The Point Where I Cant Take His Anger Anymore, I Already Signed The Lease On The House In Florida And Now I Dont Want To Go !!!!!!...i Need Help. What Should I Do? Who Should I Talk To? Will I Be Ordered To Pay Half The House Payment Even If I Dont Go? I Have Made A Huge Mistake Signing This Lease. I Should Of Put More Thought Into It !..please Write Back.

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    start by calling the landlord and explaining that you would like to back out. They may allow him to just put the lease in his name. It may cost you, but do not move if it makes you uncomfortable. You would need to be in FL 6 months to be a resident there. Are there any court papers naming him the legal father of the child. A single mother has sole custody until such time as a judge grants someone else custody rights


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      OKay so even if i move to florida with him, i still have 6 months that i am able to leave? and if i call the landlord and explain that i dont want to be apart of the house and pay my fee (bc i would do anything to get out) , should i file custody papers here in maryland for our daughter? i just printed some out and i have them laying right here but im just confused on how to do it.
      or could i move to florida and still file maryland custody papers and just wait for the court date? we have not established paternity..he is on the birth certificate as being the father (which he really is) but we have not physically gone to the court house and got blood or swabbed. does that mean anything? if i were to stay here, he cant just leave with our daughter to florida even if they have the same last name? my boyfriend and i arent married but i did give her his last name. was that a bad thing to do? im so confused. -thanks-


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        if you both signed the birth certificate, he is the legal father, but until he files for custody rights, you have full custody. The best thing to do is to file for sole custody and to set up child support. Call the landlord and just ask what your options are. Moving to FL will put you in limbo for 6 months as you technically won't be a resident of either state. Your original state may take jurisdiction, but may not. He cannot take the child. You still have sole custody until a court grants him rights.


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