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I want to drop the charges Maryland

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  • I want to drop the charges Maryland

    Back in October of 2006. There was a domestic disturbance at my house that involved my then live in boyfriend. We had been living together for like 3 years and together for 4. This was the very first time that anything like this ever happened. I wasn't hit, but I was grabbed around the neck and pushed down. Thus, a few things in my apartment got broken up and I eventually had to leave that place in part because of this situation. I went to the commissioners office the next morning and filed charges. Just letting them know that this had happened. I did that because of a lot of family pressure. Sorry I did now though. Anyway, what I did cause a warrant to be issued. Since that time, not only have I not heard anything in regards to this incident, but niether has my ex. We have since talked everything over and realize that we need to sort out some things before we go trying to be together again. He is still a wonderful father to my/his daughter and my son.

    Because he is now trying to get all his ducks in a row, he thought to ask me abuot what happened when I went to the commissioners office. I told him that I hadn't heard anything and that because I hadn't heard anything, I ididn't think anything came of it. He urged me to call, so I did. I found out that there is still a warrant and if he were to go to the police station (or wherever) he would be detained. When I found this out, I felt so bad, cause that is not what I wanted to happen.

    I need to know if there is anything that I can do to maybe get the charges dropped or cause him to not have to get locked up. I need to know if I were to go with him to turn himself in, would they still lock him up even if I say that I don't want that to happen.

    Please, I know that this thread was very long, but I needed to make sure I fully explained the situation. Someone please help me!

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    Duplicate post.
    How do you catch a very rare rabbit?
    (unique up on him)
    How do catch an ordinary rabbit?
    (same way)


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