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Question on legal age in Maine

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  • cbg
    There is no law prohibiting you from talking to her, on condition that nothing that is even remotely sexual is ever said, and on condition that her parents do not object.

    The law does not state who can and cannot talk to each other. They do not state who can and cannot date (non-sexually). They do limit who can and cannot have sexual contact, INCLUDING sexually-based conversation.

    Additionally, if her parents say no, she cannot be in contact with a 23 year old, that's the ball game and the legal answer becomes no, you cannot talk to her, see her, or in any other way have contact with her. Parents cannot make the illegal, legal, but they can make the legal, illegal.

    As long as you don't do anything with her that you couldn't do inthe front pew of the church on Christmas morning with her parents in the pew behind you, AND as long as her parents have given permission, you're okay.

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  • Darknight
    started a topic Question on legal age in Maine

    Question on legal age in Maine

    Good afternoon,

    My situation is that I met a girl playing a game on the internet and we have started talking frequently, she say's she wants to be my girlfriend now, but she is only 17 and I am 23 and in the military. Now I have not done ANYTHING with her but talk. I wanted to know if it was legal in Maine for me to be talking to her, I told her that I really was worried about talking to her because of our age difference or if we did start to date, she said state law in maine was that since we are 6 years apart it was still legal. If so,what is the legal limitation of what we talk about and what we do, any information would be helpful.. I don't want to make a wrong move here. I definately don't want to be caught up in some awful sexual harassment or something worse pedofile case because of her parents or so fourth. Thank you so much for your time!
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