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    aha alright alright not a good idea at all hmm.. staying friends is good... I don't mind? I said I could wait..... I have morals and beliefs that I have stuck by for 19 years and counting so it is not a big deal. and I do know I would be pretty upset because most guys are just in it for ... other " reasons ". I would probably like the laws the same as they are now to ensure a bit of safety for my future kids anyhow thanks again for the response. and my apologies for feeling that u were being a bit of a jerk. I didn't say u were. thanks again and I have some contemplating to do.


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      And here I thought supplying a link was exactly what I did.

      And then someone who shall remain nameless kept coming back and asking for more.
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        u did but it was a bit hazy? calm down I've just been thinking alot lately and my situation isn't half as bad as my friend who is in court with problems with a 15 year old girl who's myspace said older.. and they " did " things that shall be left un-named. anyhow thanks again cbg and I appoligize again. Seriously I really do appreciate what u do on this forum but I kind of sensed a bit of frustration and took it the wrong way. anyhow, I do find it a bit frustrating.. waiting never seemed like such a word before until now. Waiting is a strong word now that I think about it. I guess I can't help my situation and I'd rather not end up in jail =3 that would ruin my future. I just needed some answers and I feel a bit bad for my friend also.


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          so I did a bit of research on the topic and now I know I guess? if a minor and someone over 18 were dating ( this post was from minor dating laws in florida and acc083 posted this? from Non-sexual conduct would be holding hands, hugging, and light kissing. So, they could not make-out, there is no touching of any parts of the body that would get this boy into trouble. the only problem in the relationship would be that they are having to limit themselves to this until the said minor is 18 years old correct? that and her father would not be to happy with that thought in his head. sorry again for not searching for my information I was lazy but thanks again. this site really is amazing and I appreciate the work you all do. I have also come to the realization that there are alot of people who break those laws and aren't even considered petafiles and never get caught or reported. again thanks for the help cbg and panther and a reply would be very welcome!


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