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Father paying support

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  • Father paying support

    I am a step mother of an 11 yr old boy who hasn't been to our house for almost 2 years. My husband pays support every month and has a court order stating his has visitation. Every time he goes to try and pick up the child the mother refuses to let him have him. We have been in & out of court and all that is done is the child support is raised. We are allowed to go to his sporting events, but the mother is making it very difficult for me. (stepmom) she is now starting to stalk and told several people she wants me gone. I am not going anywhere, and wanted to know if my husband gives up rights will he still have to pay child support. We live in Illinois. This child was born out of wedlock, does not have the father's last name and the father's name is not on the birth certificate. Any advice would greatly be appreciated. and please do not tell us to contact the police, because we have done so and they are not willing to help us out.

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    As a practical matter, the court is not likely to allow him to terminate parental rights unless the child is being adopted by a stepparent. You can try, but not likely since having a father who pays support is in the best interest of the child. My advice, and you may not like it, is to try to file somewhere else in the state in a more favorable venue. It would help if you moved to the venue to file. You should consult an attorney, but most state court rules will allow for a venue change within the state to another court. I hate to say forum shop, but maybe you should to see if termination may be possible but also to see if they will issue contempt orders for visitation not being allowed. And I say call the police and make a report each time visitation is denied and to make sure you get a copy of that to attach to the contempt motion, and when you get enough, seek custody of the child.


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      Well Whatever County You Are From You Can Get A Lawyer And Try To Get Her For Contemt Of Court If There Is A Vistation Schedule Set But Depending On What Custody Your Husband Has But Who Is Taking Who To Court If You Can Please Replay I Had To Search Really Hard For A Lawyer To Handle My Case It Can Be Really Costly But If You Want To See The Child Bad Enough You Do What You Can


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