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  • i want out

    I am 16 and will be 17 in february,i need to know can i get emancipated from my parents. my mom always yells at me and thats the only time we talk.she has threatened to send me away. i have a place to go and i am also wonder if it is ok for me to live with my boyfriends family (he is 18). i need out there is so much more. I can't take it. I have tried to commit suicide because of my mom and the only reason i haven't is my boyfriend. please can someone help me? i live in Illinois
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    Someone Plz Help Me


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      Well let's see

      When you turn 17 you might be able to move out w/out being emanicipated but i aint sure. Also the court would not let you do it cause it would be you boyfriend. you would have to put it as another family not your boyfriend. plus you will need a job inorder to support yourself fully. The other thing is that i pray you will not kill yourself I would have done it by now myself just for the reasons of depression. I have a great family it's just everything seems to go wrong. I thought of how selfish it would be of me to do that. cause it affect every one that you have ever been in contact with believe me i know. I have had two many friend kill themselvs so please don't do it. Futher more just try and hang in there, I'm sure your boyfriend can help you out. You may try calling up to the courthouse and tell them the situation but remember do not let them know who you aree or anything unless you want the courts in on it cause they could just put you in foster care. You have to be careful. One more thing do you have a job. If not get one. by the way your just about 17 so please hang in there. Godbless


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