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    After many years and many mistakes I have decided that it is time to get my children back home with me.

    A short background of what happened. As a younger person I had two children. Both boys, Due to listening to their father( who also abused me) I did foolish things to put myself in a place not to be able to take care of them. Instead of making their lives hell, I asked my aunt to take them in. Thinking I would have them back rather soon. Well, abuse and letting my ex talk me into things, I did the exact opposite. Anyway, long story short, almost 5 years later I am still without my children. Only problem is, is that I am currently on disability for a mental disorder and my aunt who now has custody and guardianship of my children wont give them back without a fight. She basically believes I am a worthless parent. I have been divorced from my ex for 3 years and I am currently engaged to be married, which in turn I am going to be moving to Canada.

    My aunt on the other hand has a roomate who is disabled(Stroke) and she herself is in bad heath. She is a heart patient on many drugs for that and other heath issues. My aunts roomate, is wheelchair bound for the rest of her life(which was not the case when I gave them up) My children are in a chaotic household with no sturcture in daily living, My aunt can no longer do the things she used to do for them when they were younger, either can the roomate. I am constantly being asked to come over and do things for them because of this reason. They provide for them but are struggling to things. My kids are constantly doing things to defy them and make life hell for them. I believe part of this is because of the household stucture.

    I want my children back but because of my past and my aunt I am looking at an ugly court battle. What I am asking is this: What do I have to do other than hire or get an attorny for free, Do I have to do or have in order to get my children back. My children have said they want to come home. Although young I believe this is true. My soon to be husband and I want the children in our home. I do feel I am capable of raising my children, and providing for them. I myself have been stable for 3 years since my divorce, on medication to control my disorder and my bills are always paid. I keep appointments and such. Only thing I do not do is provide for my children because they live with my aunt and keeping things in my own house is hard enough for them. My fiancee` is a manager at a local cell phone store in Canada and has been there two years. He as well has lived in the same place for years...

    So in turn my basic questions are as follows:

    What should I do to get my children back home?
    What do I need or should I have to get them back home?
    Do You think I have a chance to get them back?
    Any other advice is appreciated.

    The state I live in is ILLINOIS!
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