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Update from IL Process to Get Visitation Illinois

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  • Update from IL Process to Get Visitation Illinois

    I originally posted on 3/2/2012 asking about help for my son with visitation. He followed the process recommended and has had 2 hearings. During the first hearing in July, the judge ordered both my son and his ex-girlfriend (his 3 daughters' mother) to attend child's rights counseling and visitation mediation.

    My son attended the child's rights counseling; his ex refused to attend.

    They both attended the mediation, however the ex refused to mediate any visitation unless my son attended anger management classes and visitation was supervised. My son said that was baloney and the ex admitted that she had no proof of any incidents of my son being abusive, verbal or otherwise. The mediator clarified that the ex was unwilling to cooperate and advised her that she had forfeited her parental rights in participating in any decision regarding my son's visitation. The mediator said it would be totally up to the judge at this point.

    My son said that his copy of the mediator's report only stated that no agreement was reached. It didn't say anything about her refusal to cooperate or forfeiting any rights.

    They had their 2nd hearing Thurs, 8/9, and his ex brought an attorney. Now he is scared. He is doing this on his own; he can't afford an attorney. The judge granted the attorney a continuance "to prepare their case". The judge advised the ex that she would be in contempt of court if she did not attend the child's rights counseling by the next hearing later this month.

    An attorney for my son is out of the question so all we can do is try to make sure that he is as prepared as possible, but neither he nor I have any idea what to expect. The worst thing he has ever done is yell at the kids to quiet down or do what they are told. (He's been with his current girlfriend for about 5 years and she has 4 daughters, so when his girls are with him there are 7 girls total, which can get crazy at times.)

    Are there any things he should be aware of that the attorney or the judge will be asking about or looking for?

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