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    SO i was wanting to know what is the age consent of an 19 year old adult dating a minor 16 if we three years apart can we date or not?????????

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    If you had done even the most cursory search on this website you would have learned that there are no laws in any state that dictate who may DATE. You may hang out at the mall, go to school events, to a baseball game, on a picnic, to the beach, wherever kids go nowadays, as long as the parents of the minor agree.

    What the law dictates is who may have sexual contact. Sexual contact is NOT limited to intercourse. The age of consent in Idaho is 18, and the law in Idaho states that if you are a legal adult (you are) and the girl is under 18 (she is) then even if she tears her clothes off, throws herself at you and begs you to have sex with her, if you do so you have committed rape.

    So you can go out with her platonically as long as her parents agree (if they say no, then it's no, and that is the end of the story). But keep your hands to yourself and your pants zipped until she is over 18 or you are in a world of hurt.

    BTW, you initially posted this question in a forum devoted to labor and employment law. I moved it to a more appropriate forum. May I suggest that you spend some time brushing up on your reading comprehension?
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      Originally posted by twitchboy19 View Post
      SO i was wanting to know what is the age consent of an 19 year old adult dating a minor 16 if we three years apart can we date or not?????????
      What state?
      Please Note: My "warm and fuzzy" font is not working, therefor my posts will be direct and to the point.

      Thank you in advance for your anticipated understanding.



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        I am guessing Idaho since this is posted in Idaho family law


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          Idaho Statutory rape law is very clear


          ยง 18-6101
          Rape of a female under age 18.
          One year to life in prison

          Pretty cut and dry


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