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need advice to get my daughter Idaho

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  • need advice to get my daughter Idaho

    I recently moved to idaho to be with my daughters father he is 19 I am 16 my daughter is 8 months old we got into a huge fight on newyears eve i took off to give my self a little time after he told me to pack my bags well he has now gotten me kicked out of the house i was staying at with him and he is filing for full custody of my daughter oh and did i mention he wont let me see her even. So Im gonna break down the full situation im 16 i have no job no stable place to live and am about to lose my daughter he is 19 has a good job has a stable place to live and has my daughter in his possesion at this time please if you have any advice i will take it i dont care what i have to do i want my daughter back .Oh ya i forgot to mention i dont know if it is even relevent but he at one point abandoned me and her for the first six months of her live and has a severe history of drug abuse
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    And where are your parents? You are still a minor - do they know where you are and what your situation is?

    I ask for a reason related to your question.
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      How is it Father is not in jail?


      ยง 18-6101
      Rape of a female under age 18.
      One year to life in prison


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        I have lived with my grandparents almost all my life and yes they do know where im at they dont know the situation i am in though,it wouldn't help even if they did know,they live in arizona they were always abusive when they inadvertantly hit my daughter while in the process of beating the **** out of me i ran and moved up here i have talked with them since i got up here and they have been gradually sending me my stuff.Now the reason he isnt in jail is because i have not reported him nor has anyone else i do want him in her life he is her father i have been with him for 5 years before he even turned 18 we were set to get married but then i ghot pregnant and he got worse into his drugs cause of the stress and he abandoned us. the point is i have taken care of her by myself almost her whole life when he abandoned us he left us homeless i tried going to my family for help but they just pushed me away i had to do things i had to trade my body for homes for her and i she is my world and i will not let the horrible things i had to do for her go to waste just because he finally decided to be a part of her life and get his head out of his butt and quit the drugs.I feel utterly helpless and lost.


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