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    Adoption, It’s All About Love
    November 15, 2004

    Do you look like your parents?

    If you don’t, it doesn’t mean you’re any less of a family.

    That’s especially true in adoption situations.

    As part of National Adoption Month, we’ve been featuring different aspects of

    Now we want to focus on what it is like to adopt children of different races.

    When Darin McDonald gets home from work, the kids rejoice.

    Darin McDonald, adoptive dad, says, “I love coming home from work because all
    the kids will come running up. It’s amazing how much I love them.”

    When Darin and Johnalee realized they couldn’t have children borne to them
    they went to LDS Family Services to look into adoption.

    When the possibility of adopting an African American child came up, it made no
    difference to Johnalee and Darin.

    Johnalee McDonald, adoptive mom, says, “To us it doesn’t matter what color
    they are so we just put in for adoption and he was the one for us.”

    The McDonalds liked their first adoption experience with Trevor so much, they
    adopted two more African American children as babies, Courtney and Devon.

    It doesn’t matter to the kids that their parents have a different color skin.
    They’re all just like any other family.

    Jay says, “What do you like to do with your mom and dad?”

    Trevor says, “Play games.”

    Devin says, “Camping.”

    Courtney says, “I like to play Uno.”

    The McDonalds say they just don’t see any discrimination against their kids,
    but the kids do get an awful lot of attention.

    Johnalee says, “Everybody wants to see your kids because they’re so
    beautiful and they want to touch them and they want to feel their skin and they
    want to feel their hair. They just want to be around them.”

    There is one special challenge Johnalee faces.

    Johnalee says, “Hair can get complicated if they’re a girl. There’s a lot
    of different things you gotta do with a girl.”

    But other than that, the McDonalds say race plays no role in loving families.

    Darin says, “I don’t even notice it. We’re just like a family. We just go
    out and have fun.”

    Johnalee says, “Children are children, you love them just the same. Once
    they’re in your home they’re yours. They’re yours whether you have
    physically borne those children. They all come from heaven.”

    For adoption information, you can go to this website

    Next Monday we’ll focus on the sacrifice of birth mothers in the adoption

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