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How would I be able to adopt my 2 step-kids? Hawaii

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  • How would I be able to adopt my 2 step-kids? Hawaii

    To start from the beginning, my 2 step-kids' mother left them 3 years ago for my husband's best friend. She had been an absent parent, coming and going, for over a year. My husband filed for custody, but was prolonged because his ex was in hiding and drinking and doing drugs. He asked her to sign over her parental rights because we both agreed with me adopting them, since I have been the one to help my husband raise and care for them since they were 3 years and 1 year old. It went to court and the court decided to give her joint legal and 3 weekends a month visitation since she refused to sign the order. She has not paid any child support for over 2 years, made only one payment in April 2010, and she still owes her portion of the reimbursement for the schooling and medical that was not covered by insurance, etc. She has not showed up for her own son's speech therapy sessions in 2007 and declined me from attending, but they allowed me to attend afterwards since she was not showing up and my son opened up more with me around. She showed up to my older son's pre-school graduation in 2008, but didn't show up for my younger one's in May 2010. Most of the time they don't want to go on the visitation, but they know that they have to. Most of the time, she isn't the one to pick them up. My husband notified her that if she isn't the one to pick up the kids, then they aren't going and she gives up her weekend. Since then, she has been picking them up for their visitation, but she still violates the court order. My husband informs her of things and she doesn't reply back most of the time. It is very frustrating for us and the children. My husband and I have a son together and the 2 boys enjoys him a lot. I treat these boys as my own, which legally I have no rights to support them along with making decisions, but I can't help it since their mother don't really do much for them. They come home very different and always fighting eachother for every little thing. It takes them a few days to be themselves again. Their mother also had another baby, a week older than my son, and they say that they aren't allowed to touch him or play with him. She is no longer with that baby's father and we don't see this as a good example for the kids. Would my husband be able to take this back to court and ask for her rights to be terminated so that I can finally adopt them? We've been wanting this from the beginning, but we figure that we give her another chance with the kids.

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    He can file contempt and seek support through garnishments but its very unlikley court will strip her of her rights without her consent. tell him to put the pressure on her to pay support. When she realizes the only way to relieve herself of this pressure is to terminate her rights she might agree


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