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16 female in georgia wanting to get emancipated

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  • 16 female in georgia wanting to get emancipated

    im a 16 year old female living in georgia and i want to get emancipated....see ever since i was little m lifes been pretty bad....but when i turned 14 things between me and my dad went down hill and he started bein verbally and mentally abusive and then he was never around and all he seems to care about is my step mom......and now my boyfriend shane wants me to move to pennsylvaina with him and i want to so bad....but i dont want dad to lose control like he always so scared of my dad...i dont know what to do....i want to know the laws and how i can get emancipated...can someone please tell me... i need help!!!!


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    GA doesn’t have an emancipation statue, but you can still petition the court for emancipation. However, I can tell you that a judge is not going to emancipate a minor for the purpose of living with her boyfriend.


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      reply to above person

      its not that i just want to move in with him i want to get outta this house i cant take it anymore


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        The previous response was clearly not enough information.

        First off I agree the courts will not rule in your favor on the basis that you want to live with your boyfriend.

        The most effective method of going about this would be to prove that emancipation is the right choice for you.

        You must prove that you current living situation is unhealthy and affecting your mental or emotional health as you are stating.

        You need witnesses to this behavior you state your father is responsible for.

        Teachers, friends, relatives, neighbors. Anyone who might take your side that has witnesses the behavior that you say you can't take anymore.

        Does he hit you? If you have a witness of him hitting you then I would say you have a good reason to leave and the evidence to support it.

        If this behavior is simply yelling or getting mad at you because you did something wrong or bad, then I say you need to stop whining and be responsible for your actions.

        On the other hand. Is you dad really that bad? Has he said negative things about you or the way you conduct yourself that were undeserving? Is it that you just don't get along with him anymore because he does not see things the way you do? Does he always think he is right? Do you always think you are right? If you were to move away and emancipate yourself, would you maintain contact with your father, or is he that bad that this would be the end of it?

        I just think you should be careful before taking action in this matter. You might alienate your father not to mention other members of you family for the rest of your life, which would truly be a sad affair.

        In any case good luck to you with resolving your problems with your father.
        Also please answer some of my questions if you get a chance, it would help in determining if you should really pursue emancipation.

        Thank you,
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          to get emancipated you would have to get married,and that means most of the states an adult has to sign for u to do that call your house and ask,but you need to think if this is a trick or are they helping you,you can help yourself .Being underage is an advantage to some of you teens,but marriage
          is not the way of getting out maybe getting into something deeper.make some
          phone calls and find out youll never know till you do the finding out,pick up
          that phone book and ask some questions,if you don't find the right one the
          first time then try another or ask for someone who might know what you can
          do and there is help out there use your willpower to get out and stand on it.


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            I of all people know what you are going through,but emancipated means marriage,you need to think if this is the right way of getting out there are things out there that can help you the law look through the phone book but make sure this is what you want in most states a parent has to sign for you to get married,there are other things you can do research it and find out and you may find what you are looking for,but use your head before you step into something you may find you wish you hadn't done and regret is hard also.
            find someone you can to about your problem also their are people as in counslors that can help you tell someone as a friend,a relative,let them know what is going on and how you feel.


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              Originally posted by shanesbabygirl
              its not that i just want to move in with him i want to get outta this house i cant take it anymore
              Okay, let me rephrase What I should have said was…even if you can prove to the court that you have a legitimate reason for seeking emancipation, the court’s not going to grant it if your plan upon being emancipated is to then move in with your boyfriend. In addition to providing the court with a valid reason for emancipation, you would also have to prove that you are able to fully support yourself--paying rent/utilities/food/etc--without any assistance.


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                I Know That If U R Pregnant U Can Get Married But I Kno U Have To Have A Job Aqnd Be Able To Support Yourself, Or You Can Try Moving In With Another Family All You Can To Find Out How To Get Out Of That Situation.


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                  these responses are way off the mark.......

                  let's start with something that would make a difference.....where's mom.


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                    Originally posted by ashleysaver
                    I Know That If U R Pregnant U Can Get Married But I Kno U Have To Have A Job Aqnd Be Able To Support Yourself, Or You Can Try Moving In With Another Family All You Can To Find Out How To Get Out Of That Situation.
                    I need to tell you that Gerogia has abloished the loophole allowing minors to marry without parental consent in the case of pregnancy as of the beginning of 2006. Now, anyone under the age of 18 must have parental consent, and the parents must be with the minor, they can no longer sign a statement of consent. The minimum age in Gerogia to be married is 16 with parental consent, 18 wihtout.

                    Now that I have given you an update on your information, I have to ask...are you aware that this thread is almost 7 months old?
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                      thanks for pointing that out MO4.......


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                        I know this is on old thread, but I was just wondering if anyone knew of any new laws effecting emancipation in georgia!


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