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giving up parental rights? Georgia

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  • giving up parental rights? Georgia

    We have a situation where a child was concived at an early age, she doesnt know the father and the mother and daughter live in a different town. The mother will not allow the father to see the 5 yr girl, what is the procedure to sign over his rights to her? The mother is remarried and they asked a couple years back, but nothing more said..... any suggestions?

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    Ok, let me know if I have this wrong

    The child doesn't know her father because the mother won't allow it. The mother asked the father to sign over rights to the child to her husband?

    The mother has effectively eliminated the possiblity that the court would rule that the father's consent is not needed. If there has been no contact because of her interference, and the father has witnesses to this fact or can otherwise prove this, she would have a fight on her hands should she try to go ahead with a step-parent adoption and the father refuses to sign consent.

    Is the step-father going to assume responsibility/adopt the child? If not, the court would likely NOT allow the father to just sign away his rights.
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      it is my understanding that the 5 yr already calls the new husband "daddy"


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        Who are you in this situation? Gma? Mom? Mom of husband?
        Don't listen to a word I say because ya know I've gotta be crazy to be a Brown's fan.


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          mom of his now fiancee`, I am very close to him as well.


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