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    You really need to check this I cannot see any way a teen with this disorder and no real job history can achieve an successful emancipation. I think somone is pulling your leg


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      And if it did, who would it be reported to? The State Bar association maybe?


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        How about legal aid? I am in Florida but legal aid is national. In the past I have referred clients to legal aid to insure that the child was represented in their best interest and that their rights were protected. You might want to give them a call.


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          To all of you who have responded to my postings, I thank you very much.

          Panther, please believe it. This child has been emancipated and has the proof. So no question about it. I can well understand your doubt. I am morally outraged myself. I too, find it difficult to believe a court would do this to a child who is already handicapped, much less unable to support herself.

          I find it hard to believe a supposedly loving, though adopted mother would feel the child is someone else's problem! It seems a selfish, totally unloving, self centered thing to do. No matter the problem. Adoption is not a .. 'well if the child is flawed, or I get too stressed I'll hand it back to the system'. It means YOU are responsible for the total support and welfare for the child until they reach their majority, marries, or joins the service, etc ... or in this case emancipated!

          Personally .. ? I feel both mother AND judge should be jailed.

          The State Bar Association may be the one to contact. I did not think of that. Also, did not think of the Legal Aid Society. Thank you for the sugggestions.

          I really do appreciate all of your responses. You, along with myself, are also concerned. We need that. The children of today live in a world that is so different from what some of us grew up in, and it is a frightnening thing for us, and for them. The pressures that are placed on our young are fierce. And we wonder why so many of these youths are on drugs and/or in gangs, or prisons? They feel no one cares and they need to belong somewhere to someone. Sad.

          This case is a prime example.


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