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Worried about my friend b/c of her dad - Georgia

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  • Worried about my friend b/c of her dad - Georgia

    Okay, I have a 17 year old friend that will be turning 18 Jan 02. I've known her and her family for close to 9 years. As long as I've known her, I've seen her dad emotionally treat her bad. He talks down to her and just doesn't have any once of respect for her! He makes her take care of HIS 15 year old autistic son. According to her parents she HAS to pick him up everyday at their old house (which is 15miles one way) and bring him back to their new house and then get ready for work. Thats a tight schedule. She gets out of school at 3:20 and starts work at 5:00. He will NOT take care of his own son.Then her dad said that if she stopped picking up her brother that he will take the car away and then she wont have a job. Another thing she has a skin disease that needs medical attention and she has health insurance but ONLY if she continues to live under her parents roof. Is there ANYTHING that she can do? Can she get out of the house but still have the right health insurance? I understand that her parents will keep the car but all of this stress isn't good for her! Please please let me know. Thanks soo much!

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    When she turns 18, she can move out. When she moves out, she loses health insurance.

    Asking a 17 year old to take care of her brother doesn't even approach abuse. Trust me... if you think this is abuse, you have no idea what abuse really is.
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