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Amend Birth Certificate Georgia

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  • Amend Birth Certificate Georgia

    I know you must have a court order to amend a birth certificate. On what grounds can you get a court order to do so? The father was excluded as the biological father however the test is not court admissible since he didn't have the mother's consent and both the mother and alleged father are minors.

    The alleged father would like his name taken off the birth certificate but cannot get the mother to submitt to another (court admissible) paternity test. Thanks!

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    are they married? were they married? does dad know who father is? how old is child?


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      Originally posted by milspecgirl View Post
      are they married? were they married? does dad know who father is? how old is child?

      Never married. Doesn't know who the father is. The child is about one month old. The birth certificate was signed about 3 weeks ago. The alleged father's mother wondered if it was legal from him to sign the birth cert. even though he is a minor and didn't have parental consent but the hospital said that it was.


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        yes- minors are able to make decisions for their children on their own. He needs to hire an atty NOW. There is normally a Statue of limitations on these things.


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          See here for the information. I think you said that the baby is only 1 month old. Dad only has 60 days to rescind A of P.

          Canceling the PA Form
          If a decision is made to cancel the acknowledgment within the 60 days allowed by law, the recision will not cause or allow an amendment to the birth certificate. To have the father's name removed from the birth certificate or to make changes to the child's surname, you will need a certified copy of a court order directing Vital Records to amend the birth certificate.

          After the 60-day rescission period has ended, the signed PA will constitute a legal determination of paternity and may be challenged in a court of law only on the basis of fraud, duress, or material mistake of fact, with the burden of proof on the person challenging the acknowledgment.

          Any legal responsibilities, including child support obligations, arising from the PA may not be suspended during the challenge, except for good cause shown.

          For Additional Information
          For more detailed information regarding the Putative Father Registry, go to the Public Health Web site.
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