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Question about Supervised Custody Georgia

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  • Question about Supervised Custody Georgia

    A several year long divorce case is almost over. I have primary and physical custody and my spouse has supervised visitation by the temporary order. The court has finally finished all their evaluations and has decided that all visitations will be supervised for the foreseeable future. However the court wants us to hammer out the details. Time, Holidays, Travel. Etc. I was looking around and can’t seem to find any kind of a “standard” Supervised visitation schedule out there. It’s five hours travel time to go back and forth, and he can’t have them overnight. Can anyone point me in a good direction?

    Thanks much

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    is there anyone there that you feel comfortable with them staying with. We did this for awhile with the grandparents being the supervisors until it became obvious they weren't following the rules and now we are taking it back to modify. If there is someone where he lives that you trust and they are willng to keep the kids a cpl days at a time and let him come visit in their house, that could be an option. The only other thing I can think of is to meet at a point halfway (mcdonalds, park, etc) and let him visit with them in your presence. That is a long drive for a cpl of hours though. Could he come to your town and stay in a hotel and visit at your house maybe?


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      Maybe something along these lines:


      Supervised Parenting Time:
      Whenever the children are with the non-residential parent, the supervisor shall be present. The non-residential parent has the right to spend time with the children even though the residential parent will be making most, if not all, of the parenting decisions which need to be made on the children’s behalf.

      The children shall be supervised with the non-residential parent on any schedule agreed to between the parents, but not less than is set forth in the following schedule:

      [ ] hours per month. The place(s), day(s), and time(s) shall be set by the
      residential parent. The visits shall take place in the city where the child(ren) reside. There will be no unsupervised overnight visitations.

      The person supervising the parenting time shall be selected by the residential parent.

      Child Safety:
      The non-residential parent shall follow the safety rules check below. If the nonresidential parent violates any of the rules below, the residential parent may seek the court’s help through a contempt action. In addition, if the violation poses an immediate threat to the child(ren), the specific parenting time may be stopped.

      There shall be no firearms in the non-residential parent’s home, car or in the children’s presence during parenting time.

      The non-residential parent shall not consume alcoholic beverages beginning 12 hours before the children arrive up to the point they are returned to the residential parent.

      The children shall not be physically disciplined.

      The following person(s) present a danger to the children and shall not be present during parenting time: __________________________________________________ __________________________________________________ _____________________________.

      The non-residential parent shall not be under the influence of intoxicating liquor or a controlled substance (e.g. drugs) during the period of time that he or she is to be with the children.

      __________________________________________________ _______________
      __________________________________________________ _______________

      The nonresidential parent shall spend his/her parenting time with the child(ren) at the following location(s):

      [ ] Supervised visitation center.

      [ ] ________________ (location) or any other location designated by the residential parent.

      Exchange Point:
      The exchange of the child(ren) shall occur at (Choose all that apply):

      [ ] The site of the supervised visit.

      [ ] Other (describe)________________________________________ __________________.
      The nonresidential parent may not come to the exchange point.

      The residential parent or other person chosen by the residential parent shall be responsible for transporting the child(ren) to the exchange point. The child(ren) shall be picked up and/or returned to the exchange point by:

      The supervisor alone. The child(ren) shall not be driven in a car unless the driver has a valid driver’s license, auto insurance, seat belts, and child safety seats as required by law.

      Non-custodial parent is responsible for all visitation related travel expenses.

      Communication with the Children:
      The non-residential parent:

      May call the children on the telephone ____ times per week. The call shall last no more than 15 minutes and shall take place between ____ __.m. and ____ __.m. Long distance
      telephone calls made by the children shall be paid for by the parent receiving the call. Each parent shall provide a telephone number to the other parent.

      Changes to the Parenting Plan:
      A specific parenting time may be denied due to the safety concerns listed under Child Safety or any threats to the safety and wellbing of or actual harm perpetrated against the custodial parent and / or child(ren).

      Changes to the parenting plan are allowed whenever both parents
      agree to a change. Agreed upon changes will be temporary and will be enforced by the court only if the change is written down, is dated, signed by both parents before a notary public and submitted to the court leaving a space for the judge’s signature.
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        My old orders with my ex stated supervised scheduled visitation, where he was required to setup visitation 24 hours in advance for 4 to 8 hours at a time and visitations could be setup up to 4 times per month. He lived very close by however.

        He was so in and out of it that a regular schedule would not have worked. In the beginning, he setup a few visits and showed up for only 2 of the 8 or so he scheduled. After that, the calls pretty much stopped and we haven't heard from him since.

        I moved far away... Now the orders are still set as supervised scheduled visitation but instead of 24 hours in advance, visits would need to be setup one week in advance.


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