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is this legal.... Delaware

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  • is this legal.... Delaware

    My mother kicked me out of the house in mid October when I was 16 years old. (I turned 17 in early November) It was on both of our parts for me to move out. She wanted me out and told me to get out, and I wanted to get out. I have not been living with her for over 3 months now. I am now living in Maryland with my aunt. Is it legal for her to kick me out? And if I were to go against her will to visit a friend in another state, could she get me in trouble with the police? Is there any sort of emancipation in the state of Delaware, or will I have to have my mother sign custody over to my aunt? If there is a form of emancipation, how do I go about in making this happen?

    Thank You,

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    You are staying with a relative you are fine. Mom still has total control over where you go, who you see etc etc. Was it legal to throw you out? No but fact your with family makes charges unlikely


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      at first i was living with a friend. that was a disaster. then i moved in with my aunt. she is threatening to make me go back home. there isn't anything she can do to make me come back if i go on vacation can she? and do you know anything about emancipation in delaware? i'm trying to find it on the web, but its extremely difficult.


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        Your not going to meet requirments (if your state allows it) so you go where Mom says end story!


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          Just checked your state has no statute!


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            i wouldn't meet requirements for emancipation? all the places that i saw online when i did find anything said that at age 16 you could be emancipated. as long as your parents agree to it. and im sure if i put up a good fight, she would. she said something about it before.


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              If you dont like the legally correct answer I dont know what to tell you. Mom can approve you live outside of home but she cannot emancipate you. Only a court can do that and you have posted nothing to suggest you would meet criteria for states that have a statute. However in your case your state does not even have a statute! No statute means its not an available option in your state


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                oh, well thats great. no statute at all. i do have reasons for why a judge would approve of the emancipation.

                I have a place to stay.
                I can take care of myself (job)
                and my parents are willing to give up responsibility of me.

                Those are the 3 major points that they are looking for in these cases.

                But since Delaware doesn't have an option for emancipation, then I'm pretty much out of luck. Well... thanks for the help. Very much appreciated.


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