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Do not want to lose my child Connecticut

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    Originally posted by specialasia View Post
    that is a valid point; however, if education is an issue please do not respond I need help in the situation, not be be down graded... Thank you
    You have been advised of your situation.

    I'm not entirely sure how else we can help you?


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      Originally posted by specialasia View Post
      I did not see him rejecting to this , I will travel for feb my lease will be up and our new place will be ready. I am thinking to call out of work tommorow and go to the courts and ask them to relocate my child if I am told no when my lease is up feb 1st, will I then lose her because we will have no place to stay.
      If he has not served you by morning, you should take a day off and go to the courthouse to look in your court file to see what papers he has filed.
      IF it turns out that he hasn't actually filed yet, you should file a motion yourself, requesting the court's permission to move your child away.

      By your post, it seems that you believe that this can all be done in 1 day, it cannot. It will takke anywhere from a few weeks to a few months depending on how busy your court is.

      In your motion and in court you'll have to be able to prove to the court that moving your daughter 800 miles away from her father is in her best interests. That is extremely hard to do in a situation like yours where the father is exercising his rights and being a part of his child's life.

      Although the schools might be better where you want to move to, that is NOT going to be a valid reason in the court's eyes. There is help available in all schools and a Judge will almost certianly tell you that your daughter can recieve as much help here near her father than she can elsewhere way away from her father.

      Although you are willing to help with transportation, the reality is that with a distance of over 800 miles an EOW schedule is going to be very difficult to maintain, for both you and ex.

      You really should get a consult with a local attorney before attempting to file and especially if he has already filed.


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