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  • up late in colorado

    I feel like i must be an idiot like he says all the time. He was arrested this morning even when i told the cops i didn't want them too. They said it was mandatory. He ripped the phone out of the wall and pushed on a door i was behind with my foot behind it. Unfortunately, while i was on the phone with the police. He is under alot of pressure. I don't think he is a bad guy or anything. But this is not the first time. It's the first time i called the police. The last time i went to a safe house and just paced back and forth and did nothing because i love him and i want to work it out. Well, this evening I found a gun in the van. with ammunition. and a four inch long buck knife. and a towel and shaving cream and stuff all rolled up in the towl. He doesn't hunt and he doesn't travel.

    The cops didn't know about the van. He is still in jail. I called the cops and told them but they said they couldn't send anyone out. I don't think I can move the gun because it is not mine and i don't have a permit. How do i bring this up tomarrow morning at his arraingment and will it make a difference? How do i get rid of a gun i know is intended for me? I don't want him to just get out madder than he will be already. I don't want to be dead either. He told me if i called the cops he'd kill me. Well, he hasn't, yet. Since I found the gun I have decided to press charges. I think I am an idiot because i want it to go away. But the whole thing scared my six year old daughter. and the gun thing tonight scares me. Please help me if you can. I just don't know how to talk to the judge.
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    a judge is a regular guy with a silly black robe. he cant hurt you, arrest you (unless you break a law) or have you tortured. the judge is there to help you. when i went before the court at my exs arraignment to ask for a restraining order, that is what my dad told me. take a friend with you for moral support, and when you are asking for the ro, tell the judge about the gun in the van. this will tell the judge why you are afraid, and my even make it so that he doesn't let your husband out without bail.


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